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Race Evaluation

Billygoat / DIY Goat, Mountain Lakes: DIY Goat


1. Easy start out to junction, then straight at it carefully checking features to get into map.
2. +00:30uphill past cliffs to trail, past pond and along ridgeline, swung around cliff/knoll on edge of circle and came in from N - not exactly sure why I did that, but it was the plan so calling it a spike eventhough the roundabout route probably cost 20-30s
3. more or less straight, slow in the rocky ground
4. slow downhill due to rockiness underfoot - toe really painful in here, along lake, then uphill trail to stream, syayed N of stream to road, trail for a bit, then straight over spur/hill
5. straight on line, staying above marsh, but runnability good even though I was just jogging.
6. N of marsh, combo of walls & contours
7. cross stream, then ruined wall to road, uphill on the bend. Slow approaching circle to ensure I was headed for correct knoll, but I was fine in the end
8. straight. Not sure either of these knolls cleared the 1m threshold, or maybe I'm just getting taller.
9. Over the top - a bit extra climb but the woods were clean. Jeep trail to stonewall, then mostly straight
10. straight, checking off contour features enroute. No problem
11. slightly S of line to avoid rocky stuff, down spur.
12. long leg - around north side of lake, roads to field to mitigate climb. TYhere is an unmapped trail E of spruce lake which thankfully went my way, once across stream worked my way N to road to avoid climbing hill, hopped on trail at road bend for a bit, then headed straight, across pipeline, then picking up trail again to stonewall, then just staying above cliffs
13. mostly straight just R of line, got above the cliff in E side of circle, but an easy drop down at gap - no loss
14. straight staying S of rocks
15. pretty much straight on terrain features (contours), undergrowth a non issue here
16. skirting edge of private land, cross pipeline and straight
17. S of line, thru N clearing (ropes course) then on bearing
18. couldn't clearly make out the mess in the circle - I'm guessing a cliff an three boulders, but not readily discernible at 1:10k, but there was a flag there, so good enough...
F. stonewall downhill a bit, then basically retraced my steps from leg 12, including the unmapped trail...

Total Time Lost - 00:00:30

Split Analysis

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