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Race Evaluation

HVO Clear Lake Scout Res.: Red


1. +01:30Still somewhat exhausted from the sprint before. Go into rocky reeentrant before the one with the control, up to trail, back.
2. Around, see pond, to spur with dot knolls.
3. Trail, then straight over hill to control.
4. +00:30Spend a moment with the route choice. Go north to trail, jeep trail. Maybe over the hill would be faster?
5. +00:30Stop early on spur, figure it quickly.
6. Straight to stream, along hill over next hill to control. Beautiful woods here.
7. Along hill to wall to control.
8. Along contour to trail, follow to wall, straight to control.
9. +00:30Up the hill, come down in reentrant north of cliff, hesitate, then see cliff and control
10. Easy, saw control on way to 5.
11. Around swamp to hillside and up.
12. Over saddle, take trail along shore, climb up to control.
13. Run under cliffs, climb somewhat to hit control right on.
14. Down under cliff, through flat area to trail.
15. +00:30Go around green, correct too much, one cliff too high, correct quickly
16. Downhill over cliff, through barberries and over a truck (not) to last control.
F. Leisurely jog to finish.

Total Time Lost - 00:03:30

Split Analysis

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