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Race Evaluation

Billygoat / DIY Goat, Mountain Lakes: DIY Goat


1. P Along the road, cut off at the junction, and headed up. Didn't read the circle carefully, so I had a bit of hesitation as I got there, but with the amount of people around it was fine.
2. Got up to the trail and followed it until the top of the hill, then followed the hill down, making sure to get to the middle spur.
3. Across the reentrant just below the swamp so I had to go back left, but didn't lose too much time.
4. R To the road, up the trail until the big reentrant and up the hill to the trail junction and back down. Wyatt was out of sight by this point, and I was questioning what the best route choice was, but about half way up the reentrant I saw him ahead of me, which confirmed to me that it wasn't a ridiculous way to go.
5. Skipped 5 based on the talk my mom, Angelica, and I had before we started. Not sure it was the best skip but...
6. Cut down to the trail from 4 and ran. At the stonewall where I was cutting into the woods, there was a family walking, and they definitely were confused about me running into the woods. Why are people always around when you're doing the weird stuff and not around when you're just running down a trail??
7. Did some shoving through some spiky stuff, but luckily there was a bit of an elephant (deer?) track, so it wasn't the mass of green it could've been. Was a little hesitant about when to cut up from the road, but Wyatt and the other guy out there caught up to me so I had that reassurance.
8. Up the hill, nice woods!!
9. Went almost to the top of the first hill, and pretty much straight over the trail, and then up to the top and into the reentrant. Also amazing woods.
10. Slightly contoured around the reentrant and then headed up and up and up, ran along the trail a teeny bit and then cut up, went the wrong side of the green slash so I got to the top of the rock face. Not a big issue cause the rock face was small, but lost a few seconds which, with Wyatt there, felt like a lot.
11. Down and down, hit the corner of the road and went down the reentrant
12. R HA, this was a mess. Didn't have a plan but Wyatt was speeding away so I felt like I had to keep moving. Definitely would have been better to stop and make a plan though, cause I ended up mashing together a bunch of routes, and climbing a lot more than needed, as well as not using my compass, and so I did some nice wandering, went a lot of extra distance, and lost a lot of time. It wouldn't have been quite as bad if I had replanned from when I got to the area by seven and cut down to the road properly, but instead I kept the idea of not loosing height and ended up contouring way to much and adding a ton of running on the road which added the most amount of time of all the mistakes on this leg. After the road I planned to cut off the trail, but did so too early and lost more time, but from there the leg was alright.
13. Went too straight at first and got to the steepish rocky slope to the south of the swamp and had to loop around it. Would've been better if I had just gone further right to begin with.
14. All good, cool area with the rocky thin hill tops.
15. Used the trail because the last time I cut off the trail (12) it didn't go so well. Probably not a good decision but it happened. Cut off the trail at the two hilltops near 15 (also some good woods--well, pretty much all of it was good woods) Easy from there.
16. Used the edge of the olive green and the stream, cut up to the road and then immediately off, started to hesitate way to short (although I was too high so the hesitation was good in some ways) but figured it out. Did lose a bit of time, not sure how much though.
17. Up up up, almost missed it but I got into the reentrant and turned around and saw it so it was all good.
18. Up some more.
F. Wanted to use the trail to cross the stream but I stayed too far left because I was not reading my map closely enough. There was a trail that led closer to the big yellow field that isn't on the map which made things easier. Fun running through the pool field because it brought back memories of the relay we had there.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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