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Race Evaluation

Billygoat / DIY Goat, Mountain Lakes: DIY Goat


1. P +00:15Getting chased. Compass and contours. Couldn't read the end contours well at speed so hesitated a bit on the way in, and Bridget *almost* got me, by picking a better direction into the bag (I was left ~40m.)
2. +00:05Diagonal, trail, contour to hill, good attack down off the hill with minor far-enough-or-not hesitation
3. D +00:10Bearing/perpendical to hill, read main reentrant and spur and contour shape at end. Popped up on spur a bit too far right of the flag.
4. Bail to road to trail, to reentrant to bearing to contour around and hard right in.
5. R +00:20Exit where it was runnable to the SE, but then didn't correct enough on bearing and ended up scrambling across more rock than effective. Got lucky seeing bag to my left as I almost kept going.
6. R +00:45Right of marsh, then stayed too high >100m north of line at the zig-zag wall and took a moment to acknowledge that. Andis (who was out of sight behind at 5) reeled me in here (I thought he'd skipped 5 - but no, he'd just passed me - good thing I kept that in mind later as a possibility and kept pushing.)
7. Bailed out, along wall sort of to road, then hard right along road pretty far to then attack uphill, catching up to Bridget spotted ahead for the last 200m of the leg.
8. P +00:05Chasing Bridget and rough compass, and hesitated a bit as Bridget hesitated even more in going up the broad spur to find the dot knolls.
9. Ridgeline and a few trail bits, then bearing down, to keep it easy.
10. SE to reentrant, then S climb to bag. Trail, bearing and contours to more or less nail it.
11. Bearing, got close to road then jumped on it to bend and downhill shelf/bearing to the wall. Had broken away moderately from Andis & Bridget at this point.
12. P R +00:45To start to get water & GU, cruising pretty straight to building, the sloppy around the building. Exit hard through field but with poor plan after than went all the way down to the Spruce lake before heading North up to the trail (30 sec. wasted climb - Andis caught back up after losing a minute chasing a shoe at the water stop (he got there as I was leaving.) Bridget apparently passed Andis there too, but went too North/Hill/by 7-8 out of there and lost touch with Andis and I for the rest of the race. Back to me - after running down the road (Andis seeing me ahead, unbeknownst to me at the time) took the trail then rough compass to yellow to trail to wall gap to trail to next wall gap but then hestitated too much in diagonalling far enough out to the spur. Noticed Andis coming in (10-15 sec back?) as I left 12...
13. P +00:05Bearing then a little right of line, reading contours, and surprised by how stony it was as I left the stone wall toward the reentrant/marsh edge. Nailed the bag.
14. Pushing hard, mostly straight and a bit right, trying to build a gap on Andis who was coming into 14 as I left.
15. Slightly low/right/west of the line as I exitted to avoid green, then pretty straight to control, reading contours well as I went up then curved around at just the right height into the bag, getting out of sight of Andis who took the trail.
17. P +00:20Exit toward out of bounds, hitting trail, running just along edge of out of bounds, turning hard after yellow edge to hit trail, then contoured to road, ran down almost to bend, then up to stone wall end and bearing in, stopping a bit short/left, 50m North of the bag before spotting the better shaped contour/cliff
18. +00:03Contour/climb around, wimpily looking for and going to a gap in the wall a bit off line near the end.
F. +00:20A bit left of the line on exit, but not enough to take bridge, up trail, then reentrant north of the one that lines up with the field until almost too high but realized I was in the wrong reentrant near the wall and contoured (slowly) around, not wasting much climb as I came out to the field.

Total Time Lost - 00:03:13

Split Analysis

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