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Race Evaluation

NEOC Lincoln Woods: Red


1. Trail to R.
3. got confused after crossing pavement, wandered around a bit.
4. to R of the green, then contoured across the shelf.
5. S to the green, then along it to the stone wall, where I crossed it, to path jct rd, and attacked from large boulders.
6. Attacked from road jct trail, over the top of the knoll.
7. Around to the left.
8. Took road around green to the R, then across, below the big cliff, and up the reentrant.
9. Straight.
10. Kept L of the big cliff.
11. Path to trail, attacked from single boulder to the R of the trail.
12. Straight.
13. Out to the roadside, came back into the woods at the wall break, near the reentrant.
14. Road to trail past the control, up to trail jct stone wall, and contoured across. Control was closer to the trail than it appeared on the map.
15. R of pond, then up.
16. Down to trails, ran them too far, came back, overshot the control, finally hit it coming back from the trail S of the control.
17. Straight.
18. Road to stone wall, got into the correct reentrant above the control, but floundered around a bit getting low enough.
19. Took trail network to just outside the circle, NE of the flag. Over one knoll on an angle, and suddenly, I'm W of the flag, coming much farther down the reentrant than where I expected to be.
F. R of the line on trails.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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