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Race Evaluation

NEOC Lincoln Woods: Red


1. Took me a while to get oriented. When I hit the stone wall, I started running SE(when I had intended to go SW). After vacillating I continued to the SE , crossed the marsh at the trail, then back.
2. straight
3. straight
4. intended to skirt around S end of marsh, then found it to be crossable. When I climbed up I thought I was more NE than I was, and looked at the wrong boulder pair. Took a minute to figure out to go NE.
5. Stayed high, hit the road when it was still N-S, then navigated from corner
6. pretty much straight
7. Took the trail to the west, stopped short and was confused. I think I was overcaffeinated and overhydrated, affecting my thinking. Continued on and found it.
8. NW to the trail crossing the swamp, then follow stone wall to reentrant
9. Straight (still a little woozy)
10. Run around E side of cliff
11. Fairly straight
12. Straight
13. Went to road, and misreading contours, was confused when I didn't see a second hill.
14. Plan was to contour around, somehow ended up dropping down to the road. Straight from the corner. Unnecessary climb
15. Immediately noticed my compass had detached from the lanyard and had gone walkabout. I looked for it in the leaves around the control, but couldn't find it (it was there, as I discovered later). Decided to do without as a training exercise. Boy there were a lot of confusing cliffs on the way to the control.
16. Straightforward
17. Here's where I started really wishing I had my compass. Hitting trails going every which way I managed to pick the right directions.
18. And finally, the lack of a compass really did me in here. I went too high and it took me a minute to figure that out. On the way down I met up with JJ who led me to the control
19. Ran in slightly the wrong direction ending at the ginormous cliff -- took trails from there.
F. Run trails (L of line).

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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