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Race Evaluation

NEOC Lincoln Woods: Red


1. Straight through.
2. Not sure what was what when I hit the picnic grounds, but the cliff was big enough that you couldn't miss it.
6. +04:00Doh! What an easy leg, and what a moron I was! Headed out going SW, failed to read contours, failed to recognize what I was looking at when I could see the big peninsula sticking into the lake out ahead of me, failed to figure out where I was. Eventually drifted northwards until I could see the road, and didn't want to believe I was where I clearly was, because I thought I had gone much farther than that. Finally faced reality and went to the control with no further problems.
13. +01:00This control had my name on it. Literally. I was on my way to spiking it, and was close enough that I should have been able to see it, but then I got confused by the small hill just outside the circle to the south, which for some reason I couldn't find on the map. Circled it, then figured it out and went to the control.
14. Slight hesitation because the control was obscured by a stone flake.
16. +01:30180! Took off to the north, saying to myself, "Huh? Wha?", for maybe as much as 100 m before I turned around.
19. Drifted low, hit the quarry, had to turn right.
F. I had told Stephen Koehler that I'd be back in an hour, and I just made it!

Total Time Lost - 00:06:30

Split Analysis

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