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Race Evaluation

NEOC Lincoln Woods: Red


1. +02:00Had trouble getting into map. Started too fast and didn't focus. Headed down road to go up stream, crossed but confused by all marshes around. Crossed back to go around marsh thinking it was Marsh to E, wrong. Went along R of marsh/wall to end, L around and to bag.
2. +00:30Straight but confused by all the unmapped rock features across road W of field. Kept going anyway and hit cliff.
3. +02:00Headed straight but got confused by roads for picnic areas and mapped clearings. Wandered around roads for a bit until figured it out.
4. Straight - thought I'd try green as not having much luck otherwise. Green very crossable.
5. Contour around,hit road, up and in.
6. +01:30Down then up to top but trouble reading rock features under circle. Went around big rock to E of circle then one to N of that, getting frustrated. Finally went down to small rock.
7. +01:00Straight up, across top slightly to R, to cliff only to see bag way at bottom. Better to have gone on trails all way around without extra climb.
8. L to trail, R to road around marsh to clearing/trail, along bare rock cliff top to bag.
9. +01:30Another problem control of misreading rocks. Headed to go R of cliffs, through mapped rocks to a 1m rock near wall - no bag! Pondered and then headed over to big rock and bag.
10. R of cliffs and in.
11. Straight, contouring in end to reentrant.
12. Straight.
13. Straight. Considered road but... Went around hill, above cliffs and could see bag.
14. Was going to contour but went L of little hill and saw road. Dropped down, hit corner then up.
15. Down to trail around pond, cross stream, up over lower cliffs but dropped down to trail. Climbed up thru big cliffs to pit.
16. L of cliffs, R trail to corner, up to R of rocks to Knoll.
17. +01:00Started straight but wound up going to R to top of little hill looking down on a pond. Couldn't tell if it was the pond of the marsh flooded at first. Finally figured it out and went around to bag.
18. +00:30Hit trail to R, crossed clearing, went above cliffs thinking I was much lower, got to reentrant just before wall - no bag. Started working way down along bike trail, over to real reentrant to bag.
19. L around cliffs to trail, trail crossed to small trail heading SE to trail going S, around knoll to bag.
F. Trails to R of line.

Total Time Lost - 00:10:00

Split Analysis

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