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Race Evaluation

OCIN Flying Pig XV & US ULtralong Champs: Saturday UL Brown


1. deceiving, supreme nastiness in lt grn - should have gone rt
2. nnw, spotted #6, trail, road, path... done deal
3. path b4/thru PL, departed from man-made object & still managed to miss RS maybe 90m away
4. coud/should have been disaastrous - needed complete pedantism but distracted by woman who got ahead & did not want to see myself following an unknown; along req'd reent but confusion at top, grn hiding most everything & voila, a cp
5. saw fence enroute which made it easy
6. easy w/ pt by road but turned rt on a path when should have not done so but then returned to compass
7. rt hand route to lakeshore & along it & then SE to spur top & down w/ care
8. follow ditch
9. mostly st, picking out countours, streams & reent/ditches to feature
10. st, stay bit L to dampen up/downs; confusion re reentrants crossed but paused only10" at most
11. easy but NASTY w/ thorns - was a bloody sight, yuk
12. did not take path!! to road, left at bend, a bit up & down 2 gullies, cross PL on reent to S of one thought I was on; crossed lg reent & up gully - looked ok but no cp - in circles for quite some time - finally reloc on lodge, see i am tooo far S & find pt
13. st, up & down
F. tired finish, alot of blood to wash off; more thorns than i've seen in a while

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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