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Race Evaluation

US Relay Champs: Red


1. Bad route choice
Ran too fast
Ran really hard. Surprised to catch sight of Mark V. We both were probably too far left (hit the corner of the rectangular field)
2. Bad distance judgement
Mark gets out first. Follow in his direction. Lose sight in the pines. Not quite sure of location on ridge, ergo not confident on approach to control
3. Tired
Hmm. Mark takes the field straight. Hah! I'll stick it too him by going left. Somehow we still get to the control roughly the same time though.
4. Don't see Mark until I see him running perpendicular to travel along the stone wall. Move to the control first
5. Lacked confidence
Hesitate a bit and Mark moves back ahead. Fine he can get this control.
6. Bad route choice
Took a chance
Did not like map
Disturbed by others
Time to make a move. Failed miserably. Take a chance to the right. Map is weird - swampy and contours don't seem right. When I get to the wall use contours to rellocate. Guess wrong. Mark is over a minute ahead.
7. Tired
Demoralized. Slog up the ridge next to the creek. Pull up short and start looking for the control.
8. Tired
I hear someone behind. Oh s***! its the other Mark (Everett) The wheels are coming off the wagon. This guy has got legs!
9. Tired
Slog up the hill.
10. Lengthen out a bit.
11. +00:10Hesitate a bit but do mostly OK.
12. Slog out of the control, struggling up through the logged area to the road and cruise down. As I am leaving, see Swiss (who resembles Achilles in my oxygen starved mind)
13. Tired
Up the hill. Swiss encraoches ... and passes. Bye Swiss.
F. Tired

Total Time Lost - 00:02:30

Split Analysis

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