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Race Evaluation

DVOA Daniel Boone: Red


1. Overall, I thought the circle placement on my map was pretty flaky - randomly off by up to 1/2 a circle. With the control descriptions it wasn't a problem, but I didn't realize that until after.
4. +00:20Stuck in a little green on the way in.
5. +00:15Looped around the bush coming in from the NW
8. +01:30Twice hit bad dead-ends on the 'clearing' gaps and had to backtrack and crawl both times
9. +03:00Went rightish, diagonally a bit, then trail out toward 15, missing junc. toward 9 (as I was looking at 15...) Had to cut across one reentrant, then missed 9 a little right, reading clearing to convince myself I was okay and heading back to 9.
12. +01:30Checked out a couple clearings and views of the stream before crawling through the tunnel of briar to the bag...
13. +01:00Backed all the way out to NW, then followed trail almost halfway to 14 looking for the start of the light green (subtle, if there at all...)
15. Trails all the way - SE to just N of lakes, then NE, SE, NE, NW...

Total Time Lost - 00:07:35

Split Analysis

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