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Race Evaluation

CSU Pine Hill: Advanced


1. No attack point
Did not follow plan
Read map too late
Lacked confidence
Unused to map
Was attempting to go straight but got confused by some depressions which I think were unmapped. Then was confused by the trail network approaching the control.
2. Straight (took the trail to the west of the control).
3. No attack point
Did not plan ahead
Lacked confidence
Trail run. Took the trail to the east of the green marsh (paused to find footing across the stream). Kind of screwed up the approach to the control but found it before going too far off course.
4. Bad compass work
Straight. Came out on the east end of the cliff (was intending to be on the west end).
5. Lacked confidence
Intended to go along the pond to save climb, but it looked disgusting so I went up which was probably better. Some hesitation and micro-route errors.
7. Unused to terrain
Took the trail to the east a bit and then around the hill. Got caught up in the briars coming out of the control.
8. Unused to terrain
This "semi-open" spotted yellow stuff was pretty crappy to run through. I need to just get over it and plunge through this sort of thing.
9. Did not like map
Went too far along the trail before turning off. Map was kind of wierd here, too.
10. Did not follow plan
Bad compass work
Lacked concentration
Intended to go more or less straight, but did a 180 coming out of 9 and ended up on the little trail to the south. So, I took the large-ish trail to the east and went in at the little pond. Unfortunately I was stupid and went in on the south side of the pond, which got me stuck in the green. Rather than turn around I plunged on and just got further off course and into the green. Eventually turned around and found some clearer crap to run through.
11. No attack point
This leg was pretty good but I wasn't quite sure of where the control would be. Fortunately it wasn't hidden so I found it pretty quickly.
12. Did not like map
I ran too far past the control without seeing the cliff it was on.
13. Bad route choice
Went on the big curvy trail and cut across the corner, which was probably stupid, but fun. Screwed up the approach to the control, coming out too far west of the cliff.
14. Bad map reading
Bad compass work
Got confused by the map and overran the control.
F. Bad route choice
Went out to the trail to the east.

Total Time Lost - 00:16:25

Split Analysis

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