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Race Evaluation

CSU Pine Hill: Advanced


2. Not a propitious start -- I thought I was going S, but really E, and hit the cliff, unnecessarily climbing the hill just S.
3. Probably lost time by staying close to the fence -- taking bigger trails would almost certainly have been faster.
4. Ugh. You don't want to know...
5. Don't know whether it was fast, but it avoided some climb: I skirted the skinny 'pond'.
6. Over the top to the big trail, where I ran into Wendy -- I don't know what trail we followed, but I cut off first to the W, landing at the marsh to the N. Wendy got there before me.
7. after W.
8. after W.
9. W, ahead of me, missed the trail going S. I took it, but overran the reentrant I planned to take in to the control. Wandered a bit.
10. SE to big trail then run it all the way to SSE of the control area. Had a little bobble when the first foray I made into the green ended at the swamp.
11. The control area was kinda "interesting" and harder than I thought.
12. Took obvious couple of trails, but when I hit a big road, I thought it was the black one and not the dashed one -- started running E until I figured out why the road didn't curve around with the big cliff on my R. Not much time lost, though.
13. Ran trails to R. Would L have been faster?
F. Interesting maze of trails - needed to stare at the compass. Thanks, Jon!

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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