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Race Evaluation

Sage Stomp: Course 7 Medium Distance


1. Started off with a bad route choice. Rather than cross the fence immediately, I ran to the trail south of the start. I had to climb up on a boulder to jump across the fence.
2. Went straight up the reentrant.
3. Another not so good route choice. Should have left the control on a more direct route. Instead went south to the power lines first then followed them to the power poles nearest the control.
4. More or less straight.
5. Again should have left the control straight. Instead went south to climb up on top, then went through the big reentrant to the shelf. Stopped a little short of the control. Stradeski and Pippa were there also. I went high, but saw Allen punch in below.
6. Contoured back to the shelf and hit the depression on the back of the hill.
7. Down the reentrant to the trail. Cut through the vegetation in the light green area. Hit the trail and used the trail/spur junction as an attackpoint. Did the last climb to what I thought was the knoll, but no flag. There was a cliff right above me so I decided to go left. As soon as I turned I saw the flag.
8. Immediately went high to run down the long spur looking for the knoll. Attacked the again didn't immediately see the control. Saw it to my right.
9. As I left #8 saw Pippa coming in. Went around the right side of the hill.
10. Straight.
11. Went mostly straight. Saw Jon Torrance here.
12. Went straight. Saw the small hill in front of the control from a long ways away. Unnecessarily waded through the swamp.
13. Hoped to go between the pond and the marsh with dry feet, but it was all knee deep water. Heard Pippa behind me.
14. Went up the long reentrant to the very small pond (much smaller than what was shown on the map).
15. Straight. Had to be careful because the reentrant was not as clearly defined as I thought it would be.
F. Long brutal run in.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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