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Race Evaluation

OOC Stony Swamp West: Long Advanced


1. In the first 20m I knew rubber boots would be an interesting addition. Trails were ponds and streams.
2. I ran the boardwalk though I noticed some ran S to the TCTrail.
4. Boots through the water made this a nearly straight compass choice.
5. Woods were whiter than the map.
6. NW to trail and right, good leg.
7. This was a horrible leg though I still would have finished last. I headed off the Rideau Trail about 30m short of control sighting. Then circled round and round west of control. Unfortunately, I'm too good at seeing fence remnants and justified the dumb search.
8. Thanks to boots, I cut N early and I finally started to see other orienteers.
9. Lots of water, so much water that I had to slow for wakes over the top of my boots.
10. I drifted about 100m right of control and circled around. Apparently, Eric made similar gaff.
12. A race to a familiar swing set.
13. Fellow runners mentioned very cold feet, mine weren't cold.
14. On the unmapped trail, I wiggled my way until stealthy Eric pulled up right behind.
F. The big negative about boots: things can drop in from above. I had to come to full stop on finishing sprint because my foot was in excruciating pain from contact with...a berry.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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