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Race Evaluation

Alaska: Paul and Sherry's O-vent: Red


1. Flagging to map pickup, follow trails to near the control
2. Follow trail south to where the narrow ride shows, then through the forest, to the next trail, then through the rough-open. Hit the creek too far east.
3. Through the woods. Never found any of the rides.
4. Through the woods along the foot of the hills. Never found the rides.
5. Northeast along the bench, then across the creek to the control.
6. North to the trails, along the trail to the creek crossing, then along the foot of the bank back to the reentrant.
7. Through the woods along the string of hills.
8. Along the crest of the ridge, then northwest to the control.
9. Along the left side of the ridge to the trail, left along the trail for 250 meters, then along the edge of the hills toward the control.
10. Northwest to the trail, across it, then north to the hills and the control.
11. Through the swamps.
12. Along the spine of the hill.
13. Around the west end of the vegetation, then follow the trails.
F. Follow the trails south and west.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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