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Race Evaluation

Alaska: Paul and Sherry's O-vent: Red


1. Trail to control
2. Main trail south to trail jct. Then east on trail to form line hill, then direct south. Came out 100m east of control - map seems a bit off here.
3. Mostly direct with the help of the two trails for short sections. I looked for control at tip of spur - seemed like it was too far up for description.
4. Direct to cut line, then to trail then to root stock.
5. Bad choice here, went north through the junk and had to circle around and approach control from the north side.
6. Direct to trail jct, then up trail a bit and then direct. I expected control in upper part of reentrant but it was at the bottom.
7. Fun long run, direct. No control in depression. I checked my time and then went looking. Found control in reentrant to east so I relocated control to center of circle.
8. Followed high ridge to north end and then direct.
9. Drifted north of long ridge, crossed through small round marsh, down trail to bend then up hill to hill top north of control and ten ran south to the flag.
10. Direct but missed clearing and had to back track from closest boulder
11. Direct.
12. Direct, but ran too hard and drifted east and dropped off south end of hill. Figured it out and back tracked to rock. Lost several minutes in my dazed confusion.
13. Direct
F. Trails

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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