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Race Evaluation

Alaska: Dan & Anne's Orienteering: Red


1. Road to 2nd junction, then to the end of that trail and direct to it.
2. Direct
3. Set wrong compass bearing (1-2 again) & once on the road stayed until the trail junction then direct. A good mistake.
4. Direct & actually maintained contact with the map.
5. Direct.... what wire?
6. +05:00By mistake ended up on the trail and took it to the clearing, then misread the map and looked too soon for the control.
7. Direct via sidehilling.
8. Direct
9. Left in a hurry to get away from Ian, but headed too far south and backtracked on the road to the junction. Direct from there.
10. Tried to race ian to this one and took a major fall and have lovely shin bruises.
11. SE to the trail then road.
F. Forgot to punch this when distracted by people at the start.

Total Time Lost - 00:05:00

Split Analysis

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