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Race Evaluation

NEOC Nobscot: Red


1. Split times exclude 2:40 copying the map.
4. Right of the pond. Found control farther along the line of cliffs than expected.
5. Approached 5 from trail NE of control.
6. Headed NE leaving 5 to follow trails right of the line toward 6. Once off the trails, the woods were pretty good and the hill less steep than feared. Needing water. As I approached the control from the east, another runner approached from the south.
7. Taking different routes, the two of us arrived together. Not at all acclimated to the hot weather, I drank 4 cups of water.
8. My fellow runner set off ahead of me and was soon out of sight. I went east along the lower trail then contoured toward the control. There he reached the control from another direction, leading me in.
9. Around left on trails; he went through the woods and we came out together at the trail junction 150m before the control. I went ahead, somehow making a 90 degree error and crossing the wide part of the marsh. I reached a spot about 30m from the control at the same time he punched.
10. Contour to trail then up the trail to an attack point where the trail ends in a T. Caught the other runner along the trail, where he was checking the map. Did not see him again.
11. +04:00Down the upper trail and then a long bearing and pace count to boulder in featureless area. Missed. The wide and shallow saddle coutours helped limit the search area and I found the control east of my original line of attack.
12. Right of the line through clearing and past cabin.
13. Back the way I came.
14. For variety, went way around to the right including a bit of Edgell Road.

Total Time Lost - 00:04:00

Split Analysis

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