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Race Evaluation

QOC: The "Beverage of Your Choice" Chase


1. I chose beer. Went left on a high contour, with Greg Lennon. The crowd was below us to the right. Trashy woods. Came over the spur and punched maybe 5th.
2. trail to the right. Dan Quinn was there. After turning up the reentrant saw Jon T coming downhill.
3. Met Ted about halfway there coming from the "other" #2. We were leading at that point I think.
4. Control was on left side of main reentrant, up quite a ways. Like Nadim said, that side reentrant seemed much stronger than mapped and I was nervous staying high, but the control appeared miraculously. I think I just oversimplified it into a single reentrant when in fact it was two that came together.
5. Stayed on this side of river because didn't notice the climb up to the 2 controls on this side. Jon T passes me on the trail.
6. With Jon and Dan.
7. Apparently Jon and I are both looking for a pit, but the feature is the ditch. I make a loop around but Jon and Dan see it and take off. I am alone, on da' moon.
8. Take uphill route on trail then contour. Alone.
9. Contour into reentrant. Suprised to see Dan coming up from below me. No sign of Jon.
10. To the beerstand with Dan on my heels. Jon is just finishing his drink (hic).
11. Beer.
12. Out on the road. I catch a last glimpse of Jon at the top of the hill as I'm leaving the beerstand. Through the party in the pavillion. Notice that the band is taking 5 and a Bela Fleck tune that I like is on the CD player. Obviously I'm not paying enough attention to O :)
13. Miss just high and go right 30m above the cliff. See Jon headed up the other side as I come into the reentrant. Diana Todd is there too - I presume she started with loop 2.
14. Straight. No sign of Jon.
15. Took the RH fork.
16. As I hit the trail Jon is coming in from the left, having taken the LH fork. We go straight from the trail junction.
17. Straight. I swing wider right in the reentrant and punch just ahead of Jon.
18. Trail with Jon.
19. Beer.
20. Jon, being Canadian :), drinks faster and is off maybe 3 seconds ahead of me.
21. I take the short grass along the edge of the forest and make up the differential on Jon in the taller grass. We punch almost together.
22. Jon takes the left fork, which I also think is better, but I decide to take the right fork just to make it interesting. Spike on bearing.
23. Up trail. Jon comes in from the right about 3-5 seconds ahead.
24. Jon pulling away. I'm going as hard as I can.
25. About 10s behind Jon now. We both go striaght uphill in the taller grass.
26. Beer.
F. Took a bearing to the tree. Was a little left of the line and feeling tipsy.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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