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Race Evaluation

New England Championships: Green 1


2. Trail all the way
3. Stayed high on the trail then cut off at the parking lot, hit the other trail and immediately cut off and could see the control
4. R Went straight back up the hill and used the trail down the middle, found the indistinct trail and read the cliffs carefully in. Green was not fun. Looking back on it I definitely should have gone left on the big trail and used the white to lead myself in
5. Kinda just took a bearing and started moving, was going to use the stream but then it was splitting and I didn't know if I had made it to the right stream so I just kept going up, found the big steep reentrant and from there was totally fine.
6. P Followed along the hillside, hit the trail basically at the white knoll and just followed the trail until the white woods. Used the vege boundary around hesitated when I hit the rocky ground on the control circle, then got myself to go a little bit further and found it. Annoyed I hesitated.
7. R Decided to go right to the trail and then cut down to the big trail but went too far north so ended up in the dark green along the stream which was extremely slow going. After that I was totally fine but lost a lot of time from that. Should have gone left around on the big trail.
8. All good, easy running along the edge of the pond
9. P P 9: Used the lower trail, cut off as the reentrant pulled away, went a little too high cause I hadn't made a good plan and was just thinking "go up" but caught myself and was able to look down the hill and see the control
10. Back down to the trail, used the bend to cut off, as soon as I got into the white I could see the control so all good.
11. Straight down to the trail and off at the white. The woods were soooo nice here
F. Almost wiped out coming off that bridge - treacherous finish chute that.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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