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Race Evaluation

New England Championships: Green 1


1. Straight up the hill. Hard to miss this one
2. Slow going in the grass through field, up to trail, reading ahead I noted description was boulder - but no boulders near the circle. Oh well, circle centered on a very distinct open clearing, so that's what I was navigating to regardless of actual feature and sure enough, no boulder, but a flag with my code, so we good..
3. Trail around right of line, then into woods at road bend a little over halfway there, down stone wall, across stream, and pick up small trail. Once into the white woods just a matter of running along the eastern edge, and flag visible quite a ways off
4. SE into lighter green, got pushed a bit left by choosing best woods, crossed stone wall, came out on road by boulder just S of the line. Dropped slightly south to pick up small trail, nicely runnable to where it popped out into white woods near line, dropped down to find the indistinct trail, when that ended, dropped down cliff and lo and behold, the indistinct picked up again and took me right to the narrow white bit on north side of circle, turn right and bingo!
5. No good option but to suck it up and go for it with the goal of getting above cliffs onto plateau and then turning S to the knolls. Executed fine, but super crappy woods upclimbing in rocky ground through dense laurel.
6. Back along plateau sticking just below the western line of cliffs - some open bits, but the thick bits compensated for any time gains. Hit stream and popped up to the trail, over to the white woods. Quite rocky though so not fast running and I also slipped going down one bit and painfully banged the underside of my right upper arm. Expected bruising, but so far, so good.
7. Considered back through the white but the back half didn't appeal so went NW to trail & road combo, SE on road until white woods/contour drop and then in on compass from there, slightly right of line, but saw southern pond and corrected and scooted down below cliff
8. +00:15straight, along small pond, but went in to saddle under the purple circle at end of pond and had to study map briefly before realizing I needed to be on top of the ridge for my saddle.
9. SW into the light green, out to trail, considered taking the low trail route but then opted to go up the road to the bend and then contour into control, good woods pushed me slightly left of line just before the circle, but corrected quickly.
10. Going straight in the green held zero appeal, considered going up to road and retracing my steps past #3, but ended up going N to lower trail then cut uphill into the patchy white woods, got pushed L of line, but entered the white woods right by the well defined NE edge, so turned R and followed the edge down to the pit.
11. SW through the nice white woods, picked up trail and then down the stone wall - very straightforward
F. And trail to the finish... Navigationally clean, executed my chosen routes without much difficulty other than the slow travel through the green and rocky areas - and in these areas I am REALLY SLOW...

Total Time Lost - 00:00:15

Split Analysis

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