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Race Evaluation

UNO Meet at Fox Forest: Blue


1. +00:45Off to a rough start, slipping and sliding and falling. Along the line to the field corner, picked up small trail across next wall, contoured around big cliff to NE, got a line too low and passed below the cliff. Once I saw I was past the stony ground I went back
2. Backwards out to trail to "ridge" trail. Very muddy and slippery. Eventually picked up faint SE-NW trail to climb hill, read contours well straight in.
3. +03:00Headed S on compass, trying to stay on W side of developing re-entrant. Got to what seemed like the right place, but couldn't find it. Drifted east a bit, then back to find it.
4. S to EW trail. Marsh was slow and yucky on the way. EW trail for a bit, but it was boring, angled SE across Molly J swamp. Saw wall just before swamp, then hit unmapped barbed wire - ouch! 2" long gash on thigh. Swamp was not bad to cross. Picked up EW trail to trail junction, then crossed stream from there and ran up streambed staying 50m E. Spike.
5. +01:00Took a long time to get up to stone wall corner. Kind of thought I was already by it. From there on compass, got sucked down by rock to the E, as most people seemed to do.
6. ENE to trail, wall, small trail, NE to wall past tip of black gum swamp and in. Easy time of it.
7. Perhaps a waste of time, N to trail then W to winding NS trail , then around right side of swamp and in.
8. NW to small trail junction, on compass
9. Around green and out to trail, crossed over, down reentrant between knolls and curved around and in.
10. +00:45Tried the field. Pretty awful. Grass was knee high plus, wet and slow. Walked the whole way. Started heading for the circle on 21 and went to wrong building first.
11. Trail to just below, then up on compass
12. To EW trail and wall, up on light green ridge then down the spur.
13. Followed wasll and climbed a bit. I was afraid this would be difficult, but I could read the big stones and went right in.
14. Along EW wall, got a little N after trail, but dropped back to pick up small trail N at large boulder, followed trail to past three boulders, in on compass.
15. +01:00Up hill, drifted too far left, passed small trail going up hill to my left, finally hit end of wall SW of control and in.
16. +05:00Bad route, bad execution. W for a ways and drifted N to small EW trail just south of long wall. took trail down to big trail. Big trail past big cross trail, went in near wasll by next trail segment, up hill at an angle. Not sure exactly where I am on the next trail, but I think I'm just south of line. Falling and slipping a lot in the moosewood. See the spring house, then drift too far south to boulders, finally hit from above.
17. Slightly N of straight line, bang into big cliffs and struggle up, then down spur to clearing
18. W to wall corner, small trail for a bit then up and over. First nice open running. Sam goes by pretty fast.
19. +01:30SSE to small trail by wall, angle SE to wall corner, along wall to big boulder, then down on compass. Sucked off by boulder to the NE and wander a bit.
20. +02:00E to trail, then take it around to NE then E on next trail, angle over to the NW-SE trail W of control, then up along wall to the NW. Got sucked in by wrong boulder in pines, too near boulder cluster. Had to hunt for it a bit.
21. Got confused and headed W instead of S. Hit trail near angled wall, then climbed to higher, intermittent trail and followed it back in.
F. First chance to run in a while.

Total Time Lost - 00:15:00

Split Analysis

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