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Race Evaluation

QOC: SSS Claude Moore: General


1. +01:30Peggy started first followed by Dave Onkst, Greg Lennon, I and Tom Nolan. Though Peggy and Dave seemed to go around the ponds on the left, I went though trails on the right of the pond chasing Greg. I felt surprisingly good having finished biking out to the park only about 20 minutes earlier. I had almost caught Greg but I stayed on a trail that twisted when he switched and went on the shorter trail along the pond that I hadn't really seen and got ahead a bit. By the time we were at the ball fields, Greg passed Peggy and just before the next turn, I passed both perhaps saving Greg from missing the turn by his surprised remark as I did it. Soon Dave was in sight. As we crossed the road, I tried to use the trail head to attack from. Dave was a bit more to my right. We both missed and passed the control to the right and stopped at a trail. I think the north orientation of the map had something to do with it but also, the control was on the left side of a small thicket and was harder to see if on the right of it. The contours were printed a bit light so only after slowing down could I examine them better. I had trouble telling what was up and down and wondered then what the scale and contour interval was (it was on the map but hidden by my folding). I looped right and eventually realized from the contour that it was well behind. As I got near, I could hear Tom Nolan or Dave say "Oh, that's where it is".
2. I ran straight at it and was off again but close enough to see it.
3. I went straight again and was just about right on it. I didn't pace count but reading/seeing the reentrant ahead kept me running to it. I heard Tom following part of the time.
4. I ran straight at it and was off again but close enough to see it. Reading the contour helped me keep on track.
5. +00:25I ran straight at it and was off again to the right. At the first trail crossing, I was at a bend 40m right of the line after only 190m of runnng. At the second trail, I again hit a bend but was at a bench which was on the map. I followed the trail to the point after it had straightened out and cut in expecting to see it. I was still too low and had to follow the stream up (further left) to the control. I think the north orientation of the map had something to do with this as others had similar stories.
6. I went straight but was never sure if I was in the reentrant leading to the control or not. I saw the ribbon from far off. Perhaps the piping behind it helped set it off.
7. +00:30I ran straight at it and was off to the right again. I cut left a ways and saw it.
8. I ran straight at it. I expected to cross two trails but only saw one. I only realized that this was the same as #1 when approaching the thicket.
9. I started running straight and came to the road near the trail junction right of the line. I cut left and followed it to the trail past the sharp bend (there was some hesitation on which way to go). I committed to the left route around the out-of-bounds area partly because I had already been to the right. Going left probably involved more climb but at 1.5m contours, this hardly mattered much.
10. From #9, I went NE up the trail through the small clearing and the throught the trail wiggle crossing the thicket. Coming out near the start, I crossed the road and used the trail head nearest the start to weave my way there. It was good practice to keep reading the trail trail intersections while on the run.
11. +00:15Going SE on the trail from #10, I cut left at the next trail intersection. I had already started feeling the cycling that I did getting to the park catching up with me but the hill brought it out more. Once to the white woods, I figured I needed to climb a bit but still didn't realize the contours were only 1.5m interval. I climbed too high and once getting to the reentrant I had to drop down to the control.
12. Straight and spiked it.
13. Up to the ridge and along the left side. I paused once not knowing if I'd gone far enough. It didn't seem like the control was at the W end of the knoll.
14. +01:00I dropped crossing two trails to the lowest one along the thicket. At the big trail intersection, I didn't see all the trails that I thought I would. At the next, I should have turned right but kept straight. I realized I was on the wrong path because I didn't see any more intersections but I kept with it down to the field and cut right. I jumped back in one trail too early, not really noticing that there were two trails because one had been partly covered by the circle on the map. After not finding it, I looked over and crossed 10m through the thicket to the ribbon on the next trail.
F. I had already run along the edge of the field so I went back the way I came. I cut off the trail near the buildings. It was a fun event on a very nice day. We ate good pizza at Pomodora's later.

Total Time Lost - 00:03:40

Split Analysis

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