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Race Evaluation

UNO Meet at Fox Forest: Blue


1. Concentration problems all day, kept trying to force myself to look at the map, but I kept failing to do so. From trail junction ESE of control, went kind of WSW and poked around the little cliff for a bit, because it didn't look like there could be another cliff lower down -- looked flat down there.
2. North to trail, followed large trail, then indistinct trail. What misery, with all the mud! Felt like orienteering in Europe. Left the trail a smidge early, but found the contol without trouble.
3. Ran down spur, but that put me too far to the west. Checked out some large boulders down there, then drifted a little more west and hit the road. Attacked from the west, and still wasn't clean.
4. Around the NE end of Molly J Swamp.
5. Saw stone wall end above me, then got to the boulder 100 m ENE of the control. Commotion up above at the water stop gave it away.
6. Little bobble at the end, but corrected quickly.
7. Slightly right of the line.
9. Left of the line, crossed hilltop with stone wall, fine from there, but stood still for a bit just above the control feature trying to figure out what was what.
10. Stayed in the woods.
12. Rolled my ankle over further than I ever have before, I think. Very surprising sensation to feel the ground on that part of my foot. No ill effects.
13. Expected control feature to be higher, on the lip of the bench instead of down the slope. Looped around looking for it.
16. SSW through the green to the road, On the last part, saw the building and the well house, and spiked the control, though the cliff was hard to see through the vegetation.
17. Ernst caught up.
18. Running harder to stay ahead of Ernst, but stopped one cliff too soon, and he got a couple of steps ahead.
19. Felt like I was running a cleaner line that Ernst, making better time with less effort. Wasn't positive where I was when I crossed the stone wall just before the control, but it turned out I was in the right place, and Ernst getting to the boulder just before me (from my left) helped.
20. Very straight, pulling away from Ernst. Was a smidgen to the right when I got to the circle, but found the boulder quickly. Ernst got there as I was leaving, and I kept looking around as if I hadn't found it, until I was clear.
21. Figured Ernst would come charing up behind me, but he didn't.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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