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Race Evaluation

Alaska: Snyder-O: Red


1. Trail to bend, then diagonal through woods on another trail, then road
2. Road to switchback, then into swamp, staying to right on high ground, then across the muck.
3. NE across narrowest part of swamp, trail to road, diagonal up hill, trail to ridge, to control
4. Direct but east of magenta line, through sharp bend in river, wandered too far east and attacked from small depression.
5. North to trail jct, trail across lowlands, up west side of reentrant, higher up on the hill than I should have been.
6. direct along hills, contoured around into saddle and ended up 100 m too far east.
7. Direct, but ended up west of control and attacked from hill to the sw of control.
8. direct to trail, west until I could see the hills, then sw across hills, skirting the wierd trees and south into the flag.
9. direct, contoured base of large hill on north, then to the flag
10. SW to trail then to powerline. Came out one hill too far north and wasted a minute or more looking for flag at wrong hill. Corrected and found correct hill but couldn't find the flag - I was looking too far north.
11. Out to powerline, down to trail easement, up Klutina street, down powerline to trail then direct.
12. Direct
F. Direct to end of green/yellow then ne toward finish with short trail run at end.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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