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Race Evaluation

Hollis Town Forest: Green


1. path to R, some doubt where to lv - did not see second tr to R
2. yucky E of 1 - hit junct just right
3. st & up & hit it....
4. got mixed up on peninsula, looking SW vs W - almost crossed in deep water - control hard to see...what goes? but there it was
5. st, just fine
6. confused w/ first brook - getting hot, glasses foggy
7. up ok but not into it do to vision mostly
8. should have gotten to cart path but reent was there when I needed to see it
9. st -wondered re around - bit confused leaving field & in woods
10. hard to see but went far enuf
11. st - beat BP to this
12. +01:30got confused by Ken W to my left - foggy vis as well -
13. st, confused/insecure re which path - could see wall to R - then path rose & reloc - again, almost hidden
14. crashing down
F. could feel rt ham - careful!

Total Time Lost - 00:01:30

Split Analysis

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