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Race Evaluation

Alaska: Snyder-O: Red


1. Trails to road
2. Tried to run bearing but too swampy so went north around wettest part of swamp
3. North to trail, crossed road & got up on trail & ran ridge.
4. +00:05Bearing run until last trail crossing & got messed up.
5. Ran trail all the way to the ridge.
6. Direct.
7. I never want to be that close to a grizzly again. It was 25 feet in front of me, stood up, I yelled "Get out of here!" and it did a 180 and went off in the direction that Dan Ellsworth was heading. I made a beeline for the tank trail. I then regrouped, told myself not to be a wimp, and made another attempt to 7 using that trail, but got freaked out back in the same area as the bear and quit. So I didn't DQ, I didn't DNF, but I DSGNDF'd. (Did See Grizzly Need Drink Fast)

Total Time Lost - 00:00:05

Split Analysis

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