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Race Evaluation

BAOC-GCO: Burton Creek: Blue


1. Used clearings and stony ground to get to circle - hill was easy to see in this flat area.
2. Went a bit too far left en route, then corrected and hit the boulder cluster. Took longer to get there than expected, probably because of the gradual climb. (Yet 8 lines total.)
3. Straight to trail, trail to intersection, then used clearings / boulders to find the conttrol.
4. Straight, saw big boulder on the right. Other people had problems on this one.
5. +00:30Was too far north and got stuck in the green. Figured this out when I was parellel to large boulder. just NW of control.
6. +00:30Up to trail, cut through the woods where the trail makes a big bend. Down from clearing, but went too far south and ended up in the clearing with the single tree. Easy to recover.
7. Straight, saw the three boulders next to each other en route.
8. Went on the trail until the ditch, then north.
9. Perfect leg! (5 lines decent helps...)
10. Straight, used construction area as checkpoint.
11. Did not like map
Missed to the right, map didn't quite make sense. Dan caught up to me as I was drinking water.
12. On road. Dan must have taken some water too. He passed me on the road, but I picked a better route through the last bit of green.
13. +02:00Instead of running up the road, I went down to hit the gap in the green. However, climbing up from the riverbed we went too far left, and hit 14 (which I punched before checking the code.) Navigating to 13 was slightly tricky, but at least we learned the route... Dan is getting ahead.
14. Been there, done that.
15. Used boulders en route.
16. Carefully...
17. Trying to make up some seconds on Dan by taking a straighter route.

Total Time Lost - 00:03:30

Split Analysis

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