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Race Evaluation

NEOC: Needham Town Forest: Sprint


2. Spotted Samantha leaving control.
7. After having trailed behind Samantha for a while, maybe closing slowly, I got ahead (by a few steps) at the end when she took the wrong trail.
8. I went straighter, Samantha took a trail around, and she got away. But she massively overran the control, and I got there well ahead of her.
9. Oof! Fell on this leg. Saw Samantha (and Scott) coming back to #8.
10. +01:00Too far left, and overshot. Stone wall saved me, but I had to go through some greenbriar.
11. +04:30This is embarrassing. Got out to the trail, knew where I was, made the left-hand turn, and then for some reason thought I was close to the control, i.e. past the right-hand turn at the second junction. So I looked all over the place about midway between #9 and #10 as all kinds of people went by. Finally went to the large trail, at the junction about 100 m south of the control, and had no further trouble.
14. +01:30Through a little green, then on a great line, and ran right past the control without seeing it. Turned back when I was sure I'd gone too far, ran past it again, and did a lap around the knoll before finally finding it.

Total Time Lost - 00:07:00

Split Analysis

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