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Race Evaluation

Boojum Rock: Green


1. gt start, tripped stretching ham, epunch insecure, run by the left turn, big bubble into woods...
2. adjusting to lack of compass - could see ahead well enuf
3. ditto, st west, sense of direction in competition w/ needle & contour fdbk
4. ok but felt there was an unmapped path i used
5. st enuf, read stuff & dealt w/ compass
6. way bad, went 90 deg fm desired departure, believed the terrain message, needle of no use - found myself on big N/S path - what the f? figured out where I was, went W ok but got drawn to S & then, after hd scratching, went N
7. ok enuf
8. big bad compass disorientation - went bk to marsh & limped on hunches & hills to marker
9. long haul thru vaguish semi-open - but was ok in determining that fact, control finally came up, bit of a surprise
10. came out on path to W & had reloc pains....
11. short, surprisingly hard - hot/tired
12. path to E to road & pkng lot & up ok tho again compass confusion near end
13. ok enough
14. st & ok , dealt with changing good & distracting fdbk
15. long haul N - came upon a guy & dog - nice part of forest, no rock features
16. at very end, sig confusion due to lack of compass certainty
17. st but w/ uncertainty
F. way awful, like a 180 or some such - a fence & path going....where? fellow I'd passed passed me - tagged along, saw the hospital bldg, sang a song of how could I be so wrong.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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