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Race Evaluation

NEOC: Blue Hills East: Blue


4. hard to handle so many cliffs in the control circle
6. Despite everything else being wet, the marsh was dry.
8. planned to go way around to the right on trails, but missed the trail junction and went up over the right shoulder of the hill instead
12. went straight and was slowed by the stony knoll
13. didn't get quite high enough; lost a little time by going slightly beyond the control and figuring out what to do next when pace count ran out
14. avoided map correction thick area by going low and right. Small trail was good, but ended up missing the control too low. Found a larger boulder, possibly what Jeff had in mind in the director's notes which warned of inconsitent mapping of boulders.
15. Chose to go south of swamp due to shorter. Arriving next to the fence, found O-shoe tracks. The tracks were not on the trail because that was under 2 feet of water. Changed plan and went north of swamp. Unmapped pines affected visibility and made control hard to locate.
16. Coming out of 15 and going north, I encountered many more unmapped pines.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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