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Race Evaluation

DVOA Independence O Day: SPRINT/Stage 1


1. From watching others start and the warm-up around the parking lot, I knew where the control was. I didn't run hard so as to locate #1 on the map. I didn't see it until leaving the control.
2. +00:05Around the back side of the building, up a little too early, back down and up again.
3. Low route to the right, then S-curve L and R again.
4. +00:20Back the way I came passing Eric Weyan going the other way and planning to cut through the woods--thought he was making a mistake? On the trail, the scale threw me. I passed it, cut in before the second bend where a recreational orienteer was; back to the trail, back up and in.
5. Trails to the left all the way there. A slight hesitation in the circle, not having seen it at first.
6. +00:30Back the way I came--whoops--wrong way. Back again, across the stream to the trail/road, left and in.
7. +00:30Around to the right on trails, I got to the fenced area S of the control and then realized I'd passed where I wanted to cut in when Peggy was going the other way. I should have kept going around but got confused. Instead I cut back behind Peggy cutting through to the field and bit further east of the control than I thought I would. Slowly, I fumbled in.
8. Around to the N, past the fenced area on the trail, cut through to the next trail, then angle in. I didn't realize until I'd gotten there that the rock was on the other side of the stream. No time lost but in retrospect this was a slow way of getting there.
9. +02:00Around to the left on what seemed to be a deer trail. I came to the area too high. However, seeing others behind me drew me up further to some visible rocks. I realized this to be the cluster on the spur but even then I came down badly and went SW instead of SE. I was loath to drop far enough but finally did when all else failed. As I angle in, I can see that Tom O. has caught me and Ted Good is approaching too.
10. +00:15Not wanting this to turn into another chase Ted Good event the rest of the way in, I caught-up as we crossed the stream to the road. I cut left then right and angled up. Ted stayed on the trail longer. I got a step on him but taking the next road to the garden area, I got confused by 90 degrees and started hunting S of the control. Ted and Tom both passed.
11. Leaving #10, Ted seemed to want to stay on the road instead of angling up. Later he explained that like me, he was having trouble distinguishing controus from route lines--he was headed toward #12. I angled up and got ahead of both Ted and Tom. Just reading the center of the circle, I went right side around the ruin and in.
12. +00:40Pressure of staying ahead got the better of me. I didn't read the route well and trotted off down the road. To make matters worse, after turning right at the intersection, I cut in to the right too soon ending-up in a horseshoe canyon of thorns. Backing out, to the open, I made the proper cut to the control.
F. +00:03Not much motivation to run hard and a line of people were ahead of me anyway.

Total Time Lost - 00:04:23

Split Analysis

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