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Race Evaluation

HVO WCOC Winter Series 2022: WS#2 Mountain Lakes Green


1. +00:45This was a spur on a pipeline, but I didn't notice that one crossed a pipeline first. So when I hit a pipeline, I turned left to look for the flag up higher before realizing where I was. Stupid.
2. Took the road for a bit, cutting some corners. Spike, but AP thinks I lost time here, so maybe straight would have been faster.
3. +02:00Up to the trail, attacking from the obvious bend. But I missed a bit to the left and apparently didn't look to my right to see the little cliff with the flag tucked in low. So I went down to a bigger cliff before coming back to it.
4. Through the saddle and around the cliff right to it.
5. Straight. Spike.
6. Crossed the trail right near the bend, so easy from there.
7. Straight, counting reentrants. Spike, though I didn't see the flag right away because it was behind a tree.
8. North to the road to avoid the crappy looking wet area if you go straight. All the way around on the trail, attacking from just the right spot and spiked it.
9. Took the trail around on the north side to have a good attack point (and avoid climb). Good choice, I think, even if not as fast as straight.
10. Straight. Again, didn't see the flag right away, though I was 10 meters from it.
11. Straight, dead on.
12. +00:20Trail and then cut the corner to the road. Attacked from just past the rocky ridge. Knew exactly where I was when I crossed the stone wall, but I didn't see the right boulder at first and stood there staring at the map, thinking I could check where I was using the buildings below me. Then a looked to my right and a bit behind and saw the flag.
F. Took the road.

Total Time Lost - 00:03:05

Split Analysis

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