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Race Evaluation

Alaska: Tom's Orienteering: Red


1. Ran the long way from the start, out to the big powerline then back around the sw corner of the fence. (I didn't see the first control on the map and was headed towards 2)
2. Around the north side of the fence, along the powerline trail to the hill, then direct.
3. Direct
4. Back out to the powerline and along it.
5. Direct to the bend in trail, then in to the control.
6. Direct
7. Maximized hill climbing. Over the hill near 6, then climbed the hill north of 7, not seeing that I needed to cross the trail first.
8. Direct
9. Tank trail to the intersection with the small trail on the west, then direct
10. East to the trail just before the big clearing, through the clearing and out the west side, then direct.
11. Direct
12. Direct
13. +05:00Started down the ridge, but got very confused by the terrain that was off the edge of the map. Ended up going north all the way to the trail to relocate, then back down the trail and in to the control via the small hill.
14. Direct
F. Out to the tank trail, then trails to the finish

Total Time Lost - 00:05:00

Split Analysis

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