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Race Evaluation

Alaska: Tom's Orienteering: Red


1. Down trail/road to control
2. down powerline to hill, then to #3 by mistake and then wandered a bit trying to get to 2
3. direct
4. direct by messed up by going to hill south of trail, punching a control, starting for 5, then realizing I goofed, back tracked checked the control code and then went on to the real 4.
5. NE to form line spurs then SE to control
6. sort of direct
7. Direct but just west of first big hill, just east of small hill halfway along route, then direct to control
8. Sort of direct - just south of first hill, south of next set of hills, north of depression and to control
9. Out to road, along tank trail and then up through brush to trail, confused went to several wrong hills before figuring out I was still too far north.
10. direct to big green/open, down to creek and then direct to control keeping creek just to my right.
11. direct
12. direct but angled slightly east to go up eastern spur
13. Down spurs but thought I had gone too far, backtracked to hill north of purple line, punched wrong control, then figured it out and proceeded back to correct control.
14. Direct
F. NW to tank trail and then trails to finish

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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