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Race Evaluation

Alaska: Tom's Orienteering: Red


1. wait for O-dog to follow, trail to fence, look right
2. powerline to hill, over #3 hill direct to 2
3. direct
4. out to powerline, direct in from powerline
5. aimed off to N part of trail, run to bend and in
6. direct
7. slow, keeping underbrush on right to trail just W of control
8. E on trail, N on tank trail
9. tank trail to W intersection, direct up to control
10. E to clearing, east edge of clearing, direct but slow to control
11. aimed for trail W of control, trail to depression
12. trail to bend/rise, S in valley, cut up hill midway to avoid brush
13. run down spurs off of map to drop. Stopped and ID'ed hill to my right/N as likely to be the feature. It was.
14. direct to SW base of hill then up
F. Bad map reading
N to tank trail, quick glance at map, memorized trails wrong, ran around bend of tank trail to next trail S

Total Time Lost - 00:01:20

Split Analysis

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