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Race Evaluation

Alaska: Tom's Orienteering: Red


1. Main trail to junction.
2. +01:00Along fence to powerline to ridge. Found 3 and then direct, missed to south and hitcreek at trail, then back.
3. Direct
4. +01:00To powerline, mistook earlier trail for one on map and went to wrong hill. Found control, but not right one. Reoriented then direct.
5. Confused parallel features
Bad distance judgement
Direct. Got off line in the thick vegetation and found similar feature to west of control. Spent time looking then went for 6 not there either.Finally reoriented on trail and right to it.
6. Direct
7. Bad compass work
Direct. Drifted east and overshot. Hit trail and came back to control.
8. Trail to road, then trail junctin and in.
9. Back to road and south to small trail up hill to control.
10. Direct. Drifted south and crossed creek inadvertently. Climbed hill south of control, reoriented and then direct.
11. Direct.
12. Direct
13. Followed spur
14. Direct
F. To road, then road trails to finish.

Total Time Lost - 00:09:00

Split Analysis

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