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Race Evaluation

UNO Ahern State Park: Sprint 2


2. +00:10Hit the stream area too far east, not much of a problem, though
3. +00:30Came to the first small cliff, thinking it was way too big to not have tick-marks. Lots of hesitation.
5. +01:00Intended to follow the trail, but hit the less distinct one first (either bad compass bearing or the trail was evident further than it was mapped). Fortunately, I realized something was wrong and corrected at the marsh/pond.
6. Straight.
7. +00:05Compass bore but ended up on the unintended side of the marsh.
8. Perfect leg.
9. +02:00A bit too far south, so I hit those small marshes, and started to wonder why I hadn't seen the control yet, ended up going back to the trail.
12. +00:05Took trails and cut off at the cluster of boulders, heading straight north. The control seemed further than I expected, so some slight hesitation.

Total Time Lost - 00:03:50

Split Analysis

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