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Race Evaluation

UNO Ahern State Park: Sprint 2


1. +00:20Went directly t the center of the circle, but first went to another more distinct cliff, and was puzzled when I found no flag.
2. +01:00Just about on the line, crossed the trail, and my brain was too fuzzy to make sense of the map. Also got distracted by control #11 from the first race, then finally dropped down the the brook and ran upstream until I found it.
5. +01:00Decided to try the trail, but got sidetracked onto the ride heading due east. Was surprised at how straight it was, and confused when it stopped. Continued straight, but veed hard right when I saw the power line ride up ahead. Hit the trail at the bend NE of the circle.
9. +00:15Thought I was further north when I crossed the trail than I actually was, and had to think for a moment.
10. +00:40Went WSW instead of WNW, and overshot a tad, so I came into the control from the opposite direction.
11. Missed to the right and overshot, came to the cliffs beyond and investigated them before deciding that I need to backtrack.
12. +00:30From the junction, went straight north up the reentrant, up around the rocks, then WNW to the control
F. +00:04Stopped at the car and grabbed my sandals so that I could go swimming immediately after finishing, rather than having to go back. Clearly tired by the time I did this second race. Or something.

Total Time Lost - 00:03:49

Split Analysis

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