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Race Evaluation

UNO Ahern State Park: Sprint 2


1. +00:10road, then straight - ran too fast on road, so had to walk through green on first part of woods
2. +02:45boom!! Ran fast, clean and straight and coming down spur, saw stream bend and saw no flag. Panic and quickly turned left (assuming I was near squiggles to W) and ran up and down a bit before finally coming back to the same bend and saw flag - really sapped my motivation to push from here on out...
3. straight up hill, still swearing at myself...
4. N around cliff, then up the hill
5. straight, don't trust indistinct trails, never saw it until just before the end, but I had already seen clearing ahead.
6. run hard on a very rough bearing, funnelling in on wall corner, then straight.
7. straight over knoll, then along top of elongated knoll and straight in..
8. along marsh, picking best line
9. +01:30a bit green through here, visibility compromised, saw other orienteers and got distracted and pulled up short after crossing trail - didn't see small marsh symbol under circle, but saw lots of soggy ground in front of me, assumed I was on spur above marsh with knoll, when in fact I was on hill back in the green, back and forth along hill looking for a knoll, then noticed trail right there and corrected.
10. +00:15spooked after bobble and hesitant going down hill - should have just blasted down
11. +00:05straight & clean, initially looked along foot of cliff, saw nothing so rechecked description promptly - had I not, I might have done another panic relocation - the mind just moves too fast in these sprints..
12. +01:15poor route choice x2 - headed straight, getting caught trying to get down large cliffs - also numerous blow downs to negotiate in here. Hit junction, decided to run trail down and around, but halfway there decided I did not want to climb back up so cut in and contoured - more blowdown - not really green, but certainly not runnable at speed either
13. straight - ok
14. +00:30misread detail in circle, didn't really see formline knoll, misread black V as a wraparound cliff face rather than indentation in knoll (didn't read clue), down to bottom of large cliff, then back up (now reading clue), but had to negotiate the the double cliffs to get over to the flag, reaching through blowdown for punch, then had to renegotiate top of knoll to get out to trail
F. demoralized jog back to finish - halfhearted sprint past gate..

Total Time Lost - 00:06:30

Split Analysis

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