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Race Evaluation

UNO Ahern State Park: Sprint 1


1. Glimpsed the flag from the trail.
2. +00:20Drifted left and, looking ahead, thought the knoll on left side of circle was knoll on right side. Corrected as soon as I got there.
4. Hesitated some, because I wasn't reading the map enough in advance.
5. A bit slow getting to the trail.
6. Took the trail around and attacked from the bend. Looking now, I think straight is faster, and just as safe given the placement of the stone walls.
7. Spiked the trail junction.
10. +00:45Never saw the trail route right of line. (Not planning route when I head out, just looking at beginning of the leg; I do that too much in sprints.) Got a bit left and high and had to come back.
11. +03:30Plan was trail to the reentrant with the intermittant stream, but I attacked too soon at a smaller reentrant and wandered along the north side of the stream east of the control. Saw Clint wandering and mistakenly thought he was on my course, and that threw me off further. Finally headed back the right way.
14. Straight through the marsh to the road-trail junction. Not a very fast route.

Total Time Lost - 00:04:35

Split Analysis

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