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Race Evaluation

UNO Ahern State Park: Sprint 2


5. +01:00Shaky on this leg. Started out taking the indistinct trail, but then not sure where I left it, and there was a lot of hesitation and headscratching because I wasn't sure where I was, even though I (luckily) was heading right for it.
6. +00:10Bad compass had me hit the stone wall at the stream crossing, way left of where I wanted. But easy from there.
7. +00:20Distracted by another control on my line. But it was before the trail, so if I were looking at my map, I should have known it couldn't be mine.
11. +00:30I came around the north side of the big cliff and didn't see any flag or dot knoll. Stopped to contemplate the meaning of life. Then I went further along the cliff and saw the flag at an (unmapped?) boulder. Unfolded the map to check control number. Yep, it's mine.
12. Took the trail and cut in at the cluster of boulders. Came in below the lower cliff, which I went around and up to the flag.
14. +00:20Didn't read the map (again) and went to the big cliff overlooking the water. Had to climb back over some crevices.

Total Time Lost - 00:02:20

Split Analysis

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