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Race Evaluation

BAOC: Joaquin Miller: Blue


1. Almost made a 180, but the out-of-bounds area was luckly cordoned off.
2. On the road - control was further W than I expected.
3. Around on trail to the E.
4. Via trail.
5. Contoured. (Would have cost 9 contours to go to trail. Slow, but probably the most economical approach. Caught up with Syd.
6. Pretty straight, Syd contoured more.
7. Got stuck in the green coming out of the control. (Stupid!) Syd got ahead and contoured a bit. I stayed on the trails which cost some extra climb. I beat Syd on this leg, but Martin contoured and beat me by 2 minutes.
8. NE up to trail and around. Careful about the intersections. Picked the wrong trail just before the control - the trail in the field would have been quicker.
9. Via parking lot. Saw Syd coming into 9 a while after leaving it.
10. +01:30On road and straight down the spur. Control was misplaced (on W-most dead tree in clearing.)
11. Caught up with Syd again - he must have beat me pretty good to 10. He picked a higher route to 11 and I went lower across the bridge and beat him.
12. Was going to find the white on left of green, but ran to far. Then decided to stay on trail since it is much more economical than running on loose hillside. 23 lines of climb on this leg (460ft / 140m).
13. On trail to the left, was greener than I thought.
14. Down to trail, then around big reentrant to small trail up small reentrant. Vegetation did not make sense around the control, but contours did.
15. Carefully - a lot of extra trails and vegetation was a bit fuzzy.
16. +00:10Across reentrant and up the hill. Missed slightly to the left.
17. Getting tired and confused. Not able to navigate quickly enough on these shorter legs.
18. +00:45On trails for most of it - thought I was careful about counting reentrants but I got too high and had to run back across.
19. +01:00Ran down the wrong trail and had to backtrack in the intersection. Met Syd coming out of this control.
20. +01:00Went too low and had to climb through green. Should have gone over the top of the hill.
21. On road Syd took some other, less optimal route.
22. Pulled to the right by trail, but managed to correct coming down the hillside.
F. This must have been further than 45m.

Total Time Lost - 00:04:25

Split Analysis

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