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Race Evaluation

BAOC: Joaquin Miller: Blue


2. +00:30Not exactly at the place it supposed to be. But didnt take a long time to find it.
3. +01:00Finaly decided on the route only after climbed to road. Missed reentrant - vegetation didnt make any sence. So, ran to the trails intersection and than comtured.
4. Was thinking about trail, but saw runnable slope and did it. Trail was faster.
5. +24:00Would better took trail and climbed 9 conturs... Map is far from perfection in this area. On the elevation I ran reentrant I've missed isnt distinct at all.
6. Some conturing.
7. Trails and reentrant to the bag. Decided do not to try another #5.
8. Just walk, no inspiration to run. Refilled water at the control and drink a lot.
9. Straight run.
10. +00:30Bag wasn't in place, also, what the $%#& to put control on the fallen tree when there are a lot of them?
11. Slope at the intersection looked to green, so ran back on the trail. Longer but predictable.
12. +01:00Hesitated about which trail to take right or left - lost almost 1min. Vegetation was to dense to try to climb. Finally took left trail.
13. Miss white forest on the top of the hill and took small trail, than climbed to the control.
14. +01:00Chatted with Martin - he took of copule of controls, so after that point not all bags were at place.
17. +00:45Took wrong bearing and and wrong trail - did loop around control - straight route would be fastest.
21. Almost walked.
22. Slow jog.

Total Time Lost - 00:28:45

Split Analysis

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