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Race Evaluation

Canadian Champs: Middle Distance Course 9


1. +00:40Ran for the trail loop near the control. Should have read the detail closer to the control because I missed to the right.
2. Was just a little low on this control. Saw Andy.
3. Did this control okay.
4. I planned to hit a reentrant just before the control, when all of sudden, whoa, where did this trail come from? Turns out I was looking at the 4-5 leg instead of 3-4. Luckily they were along the same line. Made a correction and hit the control.
5. Could see the round spur right next to the control below me to the left when I got close.
6. +02:00Ran to the trail. Wasn't sure if I overshot the trail junction, but ran to my right anyway to see if it was there. Attacked, hit some boulders, no control. Hmmmm. Saw a boulder up higher, but it was also wrong. Finally figured out that I was at the boulders west of the correct ones.
7. +00:20Went up the hill to the trail. Saw Paula. Continued on, but was left of the control.
8. +00:20Steep climb to the control. Left of the control.
9. As I was going to this control, noticed that it was close to the trail, so I decided to blast up the spur to the right of it to the trail and look left. Worked well.
10. Ran for the rocks and trail. Saw Cherie here.
11. +00:20Straight. Was high and to the right.
12. Mostly ran straight at it. Was going to go around on the trail, but the forest looked nice, so continued straight. Fasted split for all the course 9 runners.
13. +01:00Mostly ran the road. Saw Ben here. Didn't read the detail close enough, so ran to the course 10 control first.
14. Along the trail to the control.
F. Was a little careful as the finish chute looked rocky. Paula beat me by a second, and reminds me often so I won't forget.

Total Time Lost - 00:04:40

Split Analysis

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