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Race Evaluation

Colorado 5-day Day 1: Blue


1. Easy start via roads.
2. Tricky - just a teaser of what's to come later on. Seems like I hesitated a bit on this one.
3. On road for a bit, then reasonably straight.
4. Decide to go left around rocks. Might have been faster to swing wide right, but this is probably more economical.
5. +00:30I stay way too high and miss uphill.
6. Straight. See Vladimir up ahead.
7. I stay high, Vlad contours left. Probably lose some seconds, but avoid some climb also.
8. Vlad asks for my start time as he runs out from the control.
9. Stay on spur.
10. The line goes off the map! I start ot straight but fall in behind Vlad again as I see the green below
11. Pass Vlad as I run up the shallow reentrant. After I hit the road I stay on it for a short time to avoid a steep traverse. Once I'm in the yellow I aim for the rock face NE of the control. I decide to go right of it rather than left to avoid climb. If only this had been the last control.
12. +00:30Miss to the right and overshoot. A warning sign that my concentration is faltering... See Nadim as I run back to punch.
13. Around left.
14. Confused parallel features
Wobbling left then dropping to the field. I mistake the various reentrants and make the fist parallel error. Suzanne is approaching as I punch.
15. Confused parallel features
Miss high and make another parallel error. Meet Suzanne running out of the control.
16. Use rock face to guide me in.
17. The course setter either has a strange sense of humor or a poor understanding of what a saddle is.
18. Confused parallel features
Third parallel error. I mistake the various rock-clad hills.
19. Did not read control code
Nasty leg. Lots of steep both down and up. Oh, and I went too far left and mispunched. One of the few controls that I didn't check the number of. Grrrrrr.
20. Decide to stay high / straight then drop. Rocks are nasty and slow me down.
21. Try to preserve elevation, but should have gone straight.
22. No juice left. I'm bringing a power bar tomoorow.
F. Ugh, great race until 11, but poor afterwards.

Total Time Lost - 00:09:30

Split Analysis

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