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Race Evaluation

Colorado 5-Day: US Night-O Champs: Blue


1. North to trail, left at junction and follow it until clearing. Then due north again to control. Not a very direct route, but this control was rather tricky.
2. Climbed spur and started contouring on the North side of it. Was rather iffy so I climbed to the top and came down to control from above.
3. +01:30SSW until I hit the road. Hit it right where the little square fenced off area is. Then followed road until bend and bushwhacked to trail. Left trail going up spur. Missed a bit high / E. Might have been better to take the fence all the way.
4. Straight / careful navigation until ditch (small catching feature.) Then W and spiked it.
5. On roads until last bend - up spur and run until the right reentrant.
6. Up to rough open - road until right bend. Saw the control from the road at that point.
7. +00:30On compass - missed a bit to the right but relocated using contours.
8. +02:00On compass until first road, then left until cutoff. (Much fainter than mapped.) More compassing, crossing next 2 roads. A bit uncertain how far E I was, but contours made sense when I hit the final spur. Ended up in the reentrant W of control and needed a minute to read map and relocate.
9. On compass, aiming a bit E to hit clearing. Bingo! Easy to find the reentrant from there.
10. Trails made a great catching feature. Checked my progress at sharp turn in W trail. On compass and running fast!
11. Again, running fast through clearing / downhill. Did not use trail (!)
F. A pretty decent sprint - passing Eddie on the boardwalk.

Total Time Lost - 00:04:00

Split Analysis

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