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Race Evaluation

BAOC Sprint, Bayfront Park: Sprint


1. The route is drawn. Didn't remember as much as I wanted, mostly because the map was taken away right after the run and I didn't get the OCAD from Kent until 5 days later. As always, the drawn route is more accurate than RouteGadget—one can't edit RouteGadget
2. Deviated from the line; corrected.
3. Did not plan ahead
Took a chance
Lacked concentration
Threw myself into the green way too early, hoping to find it without a clear plan or much map reading. Emerged from said green without fruit. Walked on a bit, saw it to my right.
5. Almost caught up with Russell Neilson.
6. Went more straight, while Russell probably was on the unmapped road. Got there and was just off to the left, whereas Russell had punched and was leaving.
7. Passed Russell, who took the road again.
8. Went wide right, semi-intentionally. Russell went more straight and beat me to the bag.
9. Saw Russell no more.
11. It was tricky to get the correct distance judgment on this one, to not dive into the woods too early... and I nailed it.
15. Although I won the split, I was very unsure of where the bag was once I got to the right elevation. Looked left, no bag or else it's farther on; looked right, it's off there. I guess sometimes run-as-fast-as-you-can-get-there-and-you'll-figure-it-out strategy works in a Sprint.
16. Got to the feature and was unsure if I could go straight through the green, so walked around. Going on the right of the green could have been faster, but then you can't see the bag until you touch it.
17. Bad route choice
Went more to the left, and then through the first available less-bad spot in the dark green; longer but simple, and no hesitation. All the way to the right would have been better.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:30

Split Analysis

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