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Race Evaluation

Colorado 5-Day: Green Day 1


1. +00:30Forgot to punch here. Went straight to the tree, but didn't see the flag and was feeling pretty frustrated. Then I saw it on the ground. Nancy K was looking around for it too, so I told her about it and hung it on a bush.
2. +05:00Thinking I was going straight, but drifted right. I thought the NS yellow patch would show up in front of me or on my right, but I was well right of it. Came to the cliffs at the base of the hill, but couldn't figure out what they were, because I was so far right of where I thought I was. Then I saw a flag up the hill so went to check it out. Wandered a bit before Nancy showed up, and we decided together that we were much too far SE.
3. +04:00Straight, past the yellow reentrant, and this should be easy, but I can't find the bare rock, and can't find the cliff. There are a lot of rock features off the map just a few meters away, but I just can't get it. Finally Nancy shows up again and finds it.
4. Gentle, around the top of the rocky knoll and down the rocky slope. Young woman in green just ahead.
5. +01:30Thought about the road, and that would have been fine. Fought down the rocky slope. Once down the slope the running was fine. Got a little left, but not as far as the trail. Got one reentrant too far, then saw the bare rock and the narrow reentrant, and got back to the control ok.
6. +00:30Straight, down the reentrant that's visible on the map, then turned back to see the girl in green up by the control. Aargh!
7. Started high, above the cliffs, then down to the yellow, climbing at the end.
8. +01:30This was such good execution and such a bad result! Around the big cliffs to the R, then L of the long cliff on the bare rock, across the spur above the knoll, then the right turn and across the next spur, then saw the clff on the right and the first boulder and then - - - a lot of boulders. Checked them all! Then I had to go back through again. Bummer.
9. +00:30Back over the spur and down through the yellow. Just past the control to the reentrant and looked back. That's a saddle?
10. +00:30Tough time climbing down from the "saddle". then checked a lot of rocks and knolls before getting to the right one.
11. First control without incident. Just straight.
12. Straight again, and could see the right rocks from a distance.
13. Moving slowly, but through the yellow and then climbed to the trail. The girl in green cut down the reentrant right after the knoll on the trail. I stayed on the trail to the yellow and then down the spur and got there first.
14. +01:30Thought about up to the trail, which would have been very nice. Ended up slogging through lots of boulders and fussing around at the end a bit.
15. Tired.
F. Tried to pick it up.

Total Time Lost - 00:15:30

Split Analysis

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